Practice Safety Around the Fire Pit!

A number of residents have recently expressed their concern about fire pits or bonfires creating excessive smoke, which can permeate clothing or skin and cause severe health problems. This is caused by burning damp or wet wood, adding too much wood to the fire, or using accelerants such as lighter fluid to make an even larger fire. Excessive fires may also be deemed a nuisance under the village code.

For the safety of your family, guests and neighbors, the size of the fire in your fire pits must be kept to a minimum. Below, please find some additional tips to help keep your family and guests safe.

Do not burn leaves — Not only is it illegal, but it is dangerous. Burning of leaves also gives off particulate matter and carbon monoxide, which affect a person’s heart, blood oxygen levels and respiratory system.

Always use dry wood — Using wood that is damp or wet will give off very heavy smoke.

Use the right amount of wood — Some people will add too much wood in order to create a fire as big as they can. This can be unsafe as some of the wood that is aflame may fall out of the pit and cause a fire.

Do not use accelerants — This is dangerous as the flames may shoot up, causing burns to yourself and/or others nearby.

Do not sit too closely — Some of the embers that come out of the fire pit may still be hot. This may land on your skin and your clothing, causing burns and/or your clothing to catch fire.

Be careful with the marshmallows — Give your marshmallow time to cool before eating it. If it falls into the fire pit, do not try to retrieve it. If you are with young children, make sure they are supervised and keep them away from the fire as far as possible.

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