Building Department

Our Building Department is staffed by our building inspector, Gerald Peters.

We are here to aid you in expediting your project, reviewing your plans and issuing permits and certificates of occupancy. We also work very closely with the Fire Marshal and code enforcement officers of the Village of Islandia, Central Islip, Lakeland and Hauppauge. We are always available to answer any questions and any concerns that you might have.

Below is a list of some of the basic duties the Building Department performs for you:

  • Examining residential and commercial building plans to ensure full compliance with current New York State and Village of Islandia building codes. To ensure buildings are constructed safely by reliable and capable contractors.
  • Examining sign permits and ordinances to ensure full compliance with current Village of Islandia and New York State building codes.
  • Reviewing all variance requests and providing recommendations for approval/denial to Village Board of Zoning Appeals to zoning requirements. This is for the protection of our environment, traffic, safety and residence.
  • Issuing Village Building permits in a timely manner and helping residents with home projects.
    • Building permits are required for all commercial and residential building structures, as defined in the Village code. This includes any new structures, additions and alterations to existing structures as well as accessory structures, such as pools, patios, walls, ponds, gazebos, cabanas, garages, decks, oil and LP gas tanks, retaining walls, plumbing and electrical alterations. A building permit application is the beginning point of your project to be reviewed by the proper departments for approval. Most permits are valid for one year and will need to be renewed if a certificate of occupancy has not been issued.
  • Performing on-site inspections of residential and commercial building within the Village boundaries to be in full compliance with filed building plans and to be sure all safety requirements are met during and after construction.
    • Inspections are required in every phase of construction to insure proper installation of material as directed on your Architectural plans. Inspections of existing structures are just as important and required. Inspections are required for everyone so structures will be erected correctly and safely for all. Contact the Building Department at (631) 348-1133 at least 48 hours before inspection is needed to make an appointment.
  • Issuing Village Certificates of Occupancy and/or Compliance after final inspection when all fire and safety requirements have been met.
    • Certificates of Occupancy or Compliance is required for all open permits. The documents that may be needed to issue a C/O or C/C are a new survey, Electrical Inspection Certificate, Suffolk county Board of Health final approval, Architects, Structural and Village Engineers Certificates.
    • All changes are needed to show on your C/O. Open permits and violations need to be satisfied before you can refinance or sell your property.
  • Performing on-site inspections of existing structures within Village boundaries to ensure full compliance with recorded plans. We do this with the Fire Marshal and Code Enforcement on a year basis for commercial buildings.
  • Writing and issuing all official complaints concerning building violations, ordinances and zoning violations. We also follow up with Fire Marshal and Code Enforcement to address all complaints.

Energy Conservation Tips For Your Home

  • Check all doors and windows for air drafts or leaks:
    TIP: Weather strip, cover with plastic and caulk gaps
  • Electrical switches and outlets on exterior walls:
    TIP: Remove plate cover and install insulated cover underneath original cover
  • Check basement windows and doors for drafts:
    TIP: Cover with plastic, weather strip door
  • Heating System:
    TIP: Have your heating system company service tune up, clean chimney and burner, lower thermostat at night and when you are out. Install programmable thermostat.
  • Lighting interior and exterior:
    TIPS: Install energy saving bulbs, reset all timers for shorter on times. You can also check online, LIPA and Keyspan Energy tips.


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