A Message From The Mayor

I would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy new year. We are off to a great start this year. In fact, I am pleased to report that the Village of Islandia is in high spirits and financially sound. This year, we celebrate 32 years since our incorporation in 1985 and we are "second to none." We will continue to be a village that our children will be proud of.

The Village Board recently adopted the 2017 budget. This year’s budget reduces spending while increasing revenue, resulting in a 25% tax cut. Good fiscal responsibility is allowing the village to continue to reduce the tax burden on its residents. For the eighth consecutive year, the budget includes the elimination of the garbage collection tax. If the Town of Islip were responsible for contracting a garbage carter to pick up your waste, you would pay over $500.00 a year for that service. This latest tax cut, combined with the elimination of the garbage tax, provides real and significant savings for every homeowner of approximately $700.00 per year. That’s more “money in your pocket.”

Talk to Me!
In order for me to do a better job as Mayor, I need to hear from you. Please send me a message. Thanks for helping me continue to make the Village of Islandia a great place to live, work and play.

The 2017 budget reflects the two priorities that I have had since taking office in 2005: 1) do everything possible to reduce the tax burden on village residents; 2) improve upon the quality of life experienced by village residents.

In the past several years, we have made significant progress towards reaching these goals, while providing the best possible services to all of our village residents. From garbage pickup to snow removal, we strive to give the residents the quality of life that all of us want living here. But I have long felt that providing outstanding services was not enough to have a positive impact on people’s lives; that’s why, in times of trouble, we have also provided generators to our residents in need, when available. Meanwhile, our long-standing Senior Bus service is active and residents are using it. I continue to urge everyone 60 years and older to take advantage of this great service at no cost to our seniors. The service helps many of our older residents retain their independence and keep them in their homes and our community.

We continue to maintain our roads and increase our landscaping enhancements. A beautification requirement in our code requires the commercial property owners to install white fencing, shrubs, etc. Our privacy walls on Old Nichols Road and Veterans Memorial Highway protect all of us while adding an enhancement for all to see.

The village recently completed the expansion of the Village Hall parking lot. This addition, we hope, will eliminate illegal parking on Old Nichols Road in front of the ball field. We have started reconstruction of the ball field, renamed as First Responders Recreation Field, and I will keep you informed as we continue to make progress. When completed, it will be an enjoyable recreation field for our residents to be proud of.

Neighborhood safety patrols continue to be a great success. A sense of security in our community is a good thing. We have increased our patrols without increasing cost and that’s another good thing. We have also initiated our own Trap Neuter Release program, which continues to grow at a high rate. We are trying to control an ongoing problem in a very humane way. Keep it up, trappers!

The village has continued to be at the forefront in recognizing the contributions of our veterans. As the founder and past commander, I am proud to say that Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #12144, located at 1250 Old Nichols Road, is now officially a VFW post. Our Veterans Memorial Triangle continues to be a landmark for our village and Suffolk County. The recent vandalism that occurred at the site will be repaired and the United States Marine Corps medallion will be replaced. Justice will be served when the time comes.

An important aspect of our quality-of-life goal has been to bring residents together as a community. I am proud that village residents continue to attend village events at increasing numbers each year. It’s a time for all of us to enjoy the company of our neighbors and to show our children what it is like to live in the Village of Islandia. Our Bar-B-Que had a record number of residents attend –over 750. Our Easter Egg Hunt, Pumpkin Fest, and Christmas Tree Lighting with a visit from Santa, are also big successes. And, by the way, mostly everything needed for these events are donated by local businesses. This is a great indication that we are united as a village and our children will benefit from that. Please join me at the mayor’s blueberry pie eating contest during the BBQ. You’ll have a blast.

Open communication has been at the foundation of everything that we have accomplished. Our village web site continues to be a great source of information for everyone to use, along with our Village of Islandia calendar, our newsletters, and, of course, our Cup of Joes with the mayor.

Thank you again for the opportunity to serve you. I look forward to seeing you at our village events. And remember: this is only the beginning!


Allan M. Dorman

Allan M. Dorman, Mayor

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