Village of Islandia Adopts Budget Featuring 25 Percent Tax Cut for Second Consecutive Year

50 Percent Reduction Since 2016

On November 28, The Village of Islandia unanimously passed a $3.974 million budget that included a tax cut of 25 percent. It was the second consecutive year the Village lowered taxes by 25%, effectively reducing taxes by over 50% of what they were in 2016, saving an additional $200 a year for the average resident, for a total savings of $400 per year on average since 2016. The tax cuts are, in part, the result of the Village’s revenues received from the Taxpayer Relief Agreement with Delaware North, the operator of Jake’s 58.

In addition, the budget once again eliminated the Village garbage tax. This means residents save an average of $500 per year than what they would have to pay if they lived outside the Village. This, combined with the 25% tax cuts in 2017 and 2018, saves residents $1,400 total on average. The budget also included $600,000 for additional recreational spending as part of the construction of the First Responders Recreational Ball Field.

Allan M. Dorman, Mayor, Village of Islandia, said, “Once again, this budget provides Village residents real tax relief, putting more money in their pockets, where it belongs.”

The mayor also serves as President of the Suffolk County Village Officials Association. He went on to say, “Our 2018 budget and tax reductions demonstrate that Village governments can lower the tax burden on local residents while, at the same time, improving local quality of life.”