Dog Waste Stations

Dog Waste Stations

Dog Waste StationsI am asking everyone in our Village who owns a dog to help us in “Keeping Islandia Clean”. In the interest of helping everyone, we have installed special Dog Waste Stations for your convenience. If you haven’t seen them, please look by the front of the sumps and near sidewalks. They will not be installed in front of anyone’s home.

The waste stations are supplied with small bags and a receptacle to put the pet waste in. Each Station will be cleaned out every Monday and Friday by the Village. This will help our pet owners, and will also provide a cleaner path for our residents to walk freely.

It would be a good idea for all pet owners to plan their walking routine daily. If you are walking your pet and you don’t carry something with you to pick up the waste, you can plan your walk to include a walk by a Village of Islandia Dog Waste Station. I believe this will help to keep the sidewalks and streets clean from pet waste.

Picking up after your pet is not only the right thing to do, it’s the Law. Fines range from $200.00 and up. So please join me in ”Keeping Islandia Clean” and protecting our property values. Our Dog Waste Stations are designed to make life a little easier for all of us. Thank you for your time.

Allan M Dorman

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