Village Quality of Life Survey

Suffolk County Village Officials Association

A Message from Mayor Allan M. Dorman

In addition to serving as Mayor of the Village of Islandia, I am proud to also serve as President of the Suffolk County Village Officials Association (SCVOA). SCVOA’s mission is to inform, support, and advocate on behalf of the 125,000 residents of the 33 villages in Suffolk County.

I’m proud of our work with SCVOA. As your mayor, I believe in local village government and the empowerment it provides to address local quality of life issues, while providing services in a cost-effective manner to residents.

SCVOA recently conducted a survey of village residents throughout Suffolk County. I am proud to report that the results, summarized below, show that village residents are highly satisfied with their village governments.

Survey Results

  • 91% said they were either very happy or happy with the level of village services.
  • 75% said their village board was doing an excellent or good job.
  • 70% said they were either very happy or happy with village code enforcement.
  • 66% said their village board works together in a spirit of partnership.
  • 66% agreed that smaller government like villages, are more efficient than large state government.
  • 65% said their village was on the right track.
  • 63% said their village is being run honestly and efficiently.
  • 52% said their village taxes are a good deal.

On behalf of the village board, we pledge to continue to do our part in ensuring that your village government provides the best services and enhances local quality of life, while reducing the tax burden on local residents.


Allan M. Dorman

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