2016 Street Sweeping

The Village of Islandia Will Sweep Village Streets:

Blue Streets
September 6 and November 8
(See below for blue street names)

Green Streets
September 13 and November 15
(See below for green street names)

Pink Streets
September 20 and November 22
(See below for pink street names)

Rain Dates are on the Friday of the week scheduled for your color code.

This new schedule is designed so that residents only have to be concerned with having their cars off the street for one day during the street sweeping week.

All vehicles, trailers, portable basketball hoops, etc., must be removed from the streets during the above dates and times in order to avoid a summons being issued. There is no garbage pick up scheduled on these days, which will avoid any pails left in the path of the sweepers.

We appreciate your cooperation in helping to keep Islandia Clean.

Street Sweeping Color Code

Blue Streets
1. Blydenburgh Road
2. Bridge Road
3. Enter Lane
4. Hoffman Lane
5. John Way
6. Oval Drive
7. Raymond Drive
8. N. Connecting Road
9. N. Shafter
10. Space Court
11. Sycamore Street

Green Streets
1. S. Bedford Avenue
2. Bergen Street
3. Dean Street
4. Elm
5. Halsey Street
6. Hancock Street
7. Pacific
8. Pine Court
9. Sagebrush Lane
10. Sand Lane
11. Scotch Pine Drive
12. Serpentine Lane
13. Silverleaf Lane
14. Slate Lane
15. Snowberry Lane
16. Split Cedar Drive
17. St Marks Circle
18. Straw Lane
19. Sunflower Lane
20. Sycamore Lane
21. Sycora Street

Pink Streets
1. Blazer Street
2. Brandon Crest
3. Dewey Street
4. Ehrhardt Way
5. Gooseberry
6. Johnson Avenue
7. Nichols Road
8. Oak Forest
9. Suffolk Avenue
10. Patco
11. Pine Blvd
12. Pine Cone
13. S. Connecting
14. S. Shafter
15. Sampson Avenue
16. Sycamore Avenue
17. Ursula Court
18. Winding Lane
19. Witmer Court

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