Winter Safety Tips

With its cold and stormy weather, winter presents many safety challenges both indoors and out. Being prepared and following simple safety tips can help you stay safe and warm this season.

Keeping Your Home Safe and Warm

Follow these tips from the National Fire Protection Association and the Village of Islandia to prevent injury and death related to heating your home:

• Install a smoke alarm near bedrooms and on each floor of your home. If it has a battery, change it once a year.

• Install a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm near bedrooms and on each floor of your home.

• If your alarm sounds, immediately move to fresh air by going outside or near an open window.

      • Call 911.

      • Symptoms of CO poisoning include headache,
         fatigue, dizziness and shortness of breath.

• Make sure heating equipment is installed properly. Have a trained specialist inspect and tune up your heating system each year.

• Keep children and pets away from portable space heaters. Never leave children in a room where a space heater is in use.

• Keep portable space heaters at least three fee from anything that can burn, including bedding, furniture and clothing.

• Have your fireplace chimney and flue inspected each year and cleaned if needed.

      • When fireplace is in use, flue should be open and use a sturdy fireplace screen.

      • Burn only untreated wood.

      • Never burn paper or pine branches.

      • Pieces can float out of the chimney and ignite
         your roof, a neighbor's roof or nearby trees.

• If you use a wood-burning stove, have the chimney connection and flue checked each year. Make sure the stove is placed on an approved stove board to protect the floor from heat and coals.

• During the Holidays, make sure that all of your Holiday displays, both indoors and out, are properly wired. Unplug all displays before going to bed. Keep Christmas trees watered and away from anything that can burn.

Surviving a Winter Storm

• Be prepared. Before cold weather hits, make sure your have a way to heat your home during a power failure. Keep an ABC Fire Extinguisher nearby when using alternative heating sources.

• Keep on hand extra blankets, flashlights with extra batteries, matches, first aid kit, manual can opener, snow shovel and rock salt.

• Stock a few days supply of water, medications, and non-perishable foods that need not be refrigerated or cooked.

• Dress in several layers to maintain body heat. Covering up with blankets can also conserve heat.

We hope that with the above safety tips, you will have a happy and safe winter season. Please feel free to contact the Village Hall with any questions you may have.

Winter Safety Tips are provided by Fire Marshal Joe Correira

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