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Tony's Tips | Autumn

• Make sure caulking around doors and windows is adequate to reduce heating/cooling costs.

• Wet leaves can be slippery. Watch for patches of leaves in the roadway.

• It becomes dark early now, be careful of children darting in and out between parked cars.

• Don't break your back raking leaves. Call Tony at Village Hall at 631-348-1133 and arrange for a neighborhood teen to do the raking for you at a minimal cost through the Community Match program.

Tony's Tips | Winter

• Shovel snow before it becomes packed or turns to ice.

• Don't hurt your back shoveling, call Village Hall at 631-348-1133 and arrange with Tony to have a neighborhood teen do the work for you at a minimal cost through the Community Match program.

• Instead of salt or calcium chloride, use cracked corn on walkways. Calcium chloride and salt are harmful to your walkways, surrounding vegetation and irritating to your pet's paws. After the ice is melted, the cracked corn will be food for the wintering birds.

Tony's Tips are provided by Tony Church, the Village's Activity Director

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